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Welcome! Tubidy is a platform that you can use to download mp3 and mp4 music. We are the most popular song download site in South Africa. Being the most popular download site, you can use Tubidy to search for millions of your favorite music.

By using Tubidy, you can download your favorite songs from various genres. The most important thing, you can download songs for free on the Tubidy website. Apart from downloading songs in mp3 format, Tubidy also allows you to search for and download videos in mp4 format.

You can also convert mp4 videos into mp3 songs using our website. Tubidy mp3 download is a simple platform and very easy to use. You can access our platform using a cellphone or computer.

There are many advantages that Tubidy has. Apart from being able to download songs for free, you can also enjoy song download speeds of less than 1 minute. We provide the best quality sound format, so you can listen to clear music.

You can search for all music genres in the world on our platform. Tubidy is the most favorite platform because of its free and unlimited download speed. You can download a lot of music in a day, there are no limits or usage limits.

Here, we will discuss the advantages of using Tubidy, how to use Tubidy, Tubidy features, music genres, and comparisons between Tubidy and other platforms.

Read on so you know how to use Tubidy and you can enjoy your favorite music.

Tubidy Music Download, Unlimited Free Platform

Tubidy is a very famous platform in South Africa. We are a platform that provides unlimited music and video download services. We allow its users to download the songs they are looking for free.

When compared to other music download platforms, we have many advantages. Usually, music download platforms will ask for a fairly large subscription fee.

Tubidy is a more affordable choice for music fans because you can use our platform without restrictions. Our platform is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, so anyone can use it more comfortably.

Different from other music download platforms, we offer millions of song data that you can download. You can search for your favorite music to the newest music that you want to download.

Not only mp3 music, you can also use our platform to download mp4 music videos from YouTube. We can convert MP4s into MP3 music that has quality sound.

Not only does it provide millions of songs from various music genres, Tubidy mp3 is a very simple and safe application. We have the legality to be a music and video download platform.

Many users question our legality, but we have official legality and are safe to use. Our application installation process is also very easy and fast.

Apart from that, you can browse mp3 music or want to convert mp4 videos into mp3 music just by using our website. You can use your favorite web browser and type our website.

The home page will automatically appear and you can immediately search for your favorite music. We also provide free music playback services, before you download it, you should first listen to the mp3 music you are looking for.

Tubidy is an exclusive platform that provides the best services to its users. We do not ask for a subscription fee and you can use our platform for free.

Benefits of Using Tubidy

After knowing detailed information about our, what benefits can you get? Here are some of the advantages of Tubidy that we can provide to our loyal customers:


We do not ask customers to pay subscription fees. You can download all the music available on our site for free and without limits per day.

Many Song Choices

We don't just provide one or two genres of music, we provide millions of music from various genres. You can choose your favorite song, from old songs to the newest songs, it will be here.

Available In Two Versions

You can Tubidy in two versions, namely the website version and the application version. For the website version, you can directly type our site address using a web browser. As for the application, you can install it on Android or iOS.

Friendly Interface

Many music download platforms do not have a user-friendly interface, but we provide a platform with a friendly interface. So many users immediately liked our platform because it was easy to use.

Best Download Speed

Apart from providing a large selection of songs, we also provide the best service in terms of music download speed. You can even download music in less than 1 minute.

With the Tubidy application or website, users can search for various song choices easily and quickly. Not only from one country, but you can search for songs from various countries.

Starting from old songs to songs that are currently popular. You can listen to and download songs. If you are in doubt, you can search for music videos on YouTube, and then convert to mp3.

Many users leave positive reviews because we provide the best service. Besides being easy to use, our platform also offers a database of millions of music from various genres.

If you like watching YouTube, then there are music videos that you like. Then you can convert it to mp3. We provide options for users who want to convert music videos to MP3 using our platform.

Don't worry you can't listen to your favorite music. Because we always provide the best service for all our customers. This is what makes us the right choice for music fans.

The interface is user-friendly and can be used for free and without restrictions which makes Tubidy very popular in South Africa. We are also a platform that will not violate copyright.

You don't need to worry anymore when using our platform, because we are an official platform that provides selected songs without having to violate copyright. We always respect artists who own copyrights, so we also pay royalties for all music on our platform.

Search And Download MP4 Videos On Our Platform

Not only is Tubidy the best music download platform in South Africa, but it is also a platform that you can use to download MP4 videos. You can enjoy mp4 download easily and quickly.

We use advanced features for mp4 video search, so users can easily find the videos they want. You can search for videos that you have watched on YouTube and want to download them.

If you use a third-party website to download videos, now you only need to use us to download the videos you want. You also don't need to pay to download videos, because we provide this service for free and without limits.

To search for and access the latest videos on our platform, you can go directly to our official website or via the application that is installed on your smartphone. If you want to use the website, you can immediately open the web browser that you usually use.

Then, type in our website address and type the title of the video you want to see. If you want to download an mp4 video, then you can directly type the YouTube link of the video you want to download. After that, our platform will show mp4 and mp3 download options.

If you use the application, you can immediately open the application and write the video link you want to download. After that, you can immediately download the available mp4 videos.

Or if you want to convert to mp3, you can directly select the mp3 option and the music from the video you download is ready to listen to.

Tubidy is not an ordinary music download platform, but an extraordinary one. Apart from getting your choice of music, you can also enjoy the extraordinary quality of the videos and music you download. This is what makes us worthy of being the best platform in South Africa.

For new users, we provide a fun and comfortable surfing experience. Moreover, here, we provide many features that allow users to choose the type of music, genre, and artist and download songs.

Tubidy in Two Versions (Official Site and App)

As we know, we are a platform developed by advanced technology. This platform is very popular in South Africa, but that doesn't mean that only South Africans can access this platform, citizens all over the world can access it.

Created with technological advances, we come in 2 versions, namely the official site version and the application. What is the difference? We will provide a short explanation here.

The official website version of us is in the form of a website address that you can access using your favorite web browser. This website can be accessed using various types of devices, not only smartphones or computers. You can also access it using a tablet and laptop.

The official website also has a user-friendly interface. The appearance is simple and makes it easy for users to search for their favorite music. You just go to the search box and type the music or artist you want to search for.

On the official website, you will also see some fun features. Such as download features, video resolution, converting mp3, and so on. If you want to listen to and download music on a computer or laptop, then the website version is the right choice.

The second version is an application version that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. If you want to feel more satisfied using our platform, then you can download the application on all smartphones.

You can download our application via the Google Play Store or Apps Store. After you download, please follow the steps until the application is installed on your smartphone.

After downloading the application, you will get access to the entire music and video collection. You can type the title of the music or video in the menu provided.

You will get full access to the music and video database on our platform. This application version of the platform is very easy to use, you can download music from anywhere and at any time.

For the registration process, you are also not charged a fee. You can download the MP4 music and videos you want using this application. Apart from that, you can also listen to your favorite music using this application.

We offer many interesting features, one of which is a playlist of favorite songs and music recommendations. For favorite song playlists, users can create their own by entering the music they like in this playlist.

You can put all your favorite songs and videos in this playlist. Later, you can easily listen to their music because you just have to click on the favorite playlist that you already have.

Apart from favorite playlists, we also offer a music recommendation feature based on user preferences. For example, if you like the Jazz music genre, then in the music recommendations there will be lots of other Jazz music that you can listen to.

We are a practical and flexible platform. Not only does it make it easier for you to download songs, but our platform will make your days more enjoyable with millions of music that you can listen to.

How to Use Our Platforms

After you know about our platform, here we will explain how to download mp4 music and videos using our platforms. Of the two platform versions, you can choose the simplest method.

1. Downloading Music Using Our Platform

To download music using our platform, you need to use just a few steps. As we know, our platform is available in two versions, namely the website version and the application version.

Download the website and application versions, of course, there are differences but they are not that striking. Downloading music on our platform tends to be easy and fast.

If you want to download music using a website, do so by using your favorite web browser. Then you can immediately visit our site and wait until the screen displays the main page.

After the main page appears, you will see a song search column. You can use the search feature on this page. Type the title of the song or singer you want to search for.

Wait until the Tubidy search engine displays search results. After that, you will find the song you want. Before downloading, users can also listen first by clicking the "play" button.

If so, then you can directly download music using the "download" button. Later various music resolution options will appear that you must choose. Choose the clearest music audio so you can listen to the best quality music.

Apart from using the website, you can also download music using the application. The method is also very simple, you can open the application and search for the music you want to download.

After finding the music you want to download, you can click the "download" button and wait for the application to automatically download the music you have selected. The audio quality you get is also very comfortable on the ears.

2. Tubidy Mp4 Download

Apart from being used to download music, we are also used to downloading mp4 videos. How to?

To download videos, the method you have to do is not much different from downloading music. You only need to search for the music video you want via the search box.

Wait until we display the search results for the music video you want. Then, you can click the "download" button and select the mp4 video resolution you want.

Available video resolutions range from 144p to 4k. You can adjust it to your needs. If you want quality videos, then you can choose the highest resolution, so the download results will also be clear.

You can also download the videos available on our application in the same way as you download music. You must choose the video resolution according to your wishes.

We strive to always provide the best quality for every video and music that you download. So you won't get bad quality videos or music.

Those are some short ways to download music and videos using our platform. One of the advantages of our platform is the very fast download time. You can even download high-resolution videos in just minutes.

You can immediately have your favorite music collection in just a short time on your device. This music is ready to be heard anywhere. Good luck!

Download Quality and Speed

One of the considerations for choosing a music and video download platform is the download speed and audio quality provided. We strive for the best for all our customers, this is what makes us the most popular site in South Africa.

If we talk about quality, we always provide quality videos and audio. There is no need to doubt the audio quality available on our platform. We provide several different bitrate options and you can choose according to your needs.

This bitrate option will appear when you download the song. Adjust the audio quality to your liking. Apart from that, we also provide various audio formats such as MP3 and M4A.

Before you download music, you can choose the music format according to your needs. With these various interesting features, we ensure you can get music with the best audio quality.

Apart from talking about audio quality, we also offer unusually wide download speeds. We offer adequate download speeds both through the website and the app.

This adequate download speed has earned us many positive reviews. Many users are satisfied with the download speed we have. Almost all users only need a few minutes to download music and videos.

With support for various audio formats, you can enjoy incredible download speeds. Whether using the website or application, you will get the best quality music or video in just minutes.

Explore the Music Collection on Tubidy

As one of the largest music search engines in South Africa, we strive to continually update our music and video database. We offer a large selection of songs and videos that you can choose to listen to and download.

Users can easily find various music genres, artists, and the latest music. The most interesting thing is that Tubidy offers a large selection of music both from within the country and abroad.

Not only enjoy music from famous artists in Africa, but you can also enjoy music from musicians abroad. You will continue to be updated on the latest music that we will provide here.

Enjoy a variety of music on our page, not just a few types but there are millions of music that you can listen to. We provide the best quality audio with a variety of music choices.

You can also easily search and select music according to your wishes. Explore your favorite music collection on our platforms with the search feature. There are many interesting features here because we always prioritize customer comfort in exploring their world through music.

On the front page of the official application and website, we always display the latest music or music recommendations according to your preferences. You have to check our front page to find out the latest songs that you can listen to.

We always follow trends in the world of music. Not only updating the database, we always prioritize customers who want to stay updated on the latest music. So customers will not feel disappointed while using our platform.

There are several music genres that you can choose on our platform such as pop, rock, jazz, blues, and many others. Each music genre also has famous artists that you can choose from.

Uniquely, we provide a menu that displays artists and the albums they have released. This will make it easier for you to find the music you want to download. There are many famous artists whose work you can listen to, such as Ariana Grande, Adelle, Bruno Mars, and many others.

So, it's not just African artists that you can listen to, but singers from all over the world that you can listen to here. Apart from music, we also prepare millions of mp4 video databases that you can watch.

You just type in the search box to find the video you are looking for to watch. We also provide high-quality videos to videos with various resolutions.

You can watch videos in high or low resolution. We can adjust it to your wishes. Don't worry, because the video playback process is also very fast. You will feel comfortable surfing on Our platform more easily.

We always prioritize customer experience so that they are satisfied and happy while using our platform. So we will continue to update our database both in music, singers, and mp4 videos.

Comparison of Tubidy and Other Platforms

Being one of the best music download platforms, we provide quality that cannot be doubted. However, in South Africa, several platforms also provide music and video download services.

So what's the difference with ours? Of course, we have many advantages that other platforms don't have. We will provide some comparisons with other platforms in South Africa


Others Platforms

Available in two versions, namely web and application. This allows users to be more flexible in downloading music.

Most of them only have a web version available, so they are less flexible for downloading music.

Provides many audio quality options. This allows users to choose the quality according to their needs.

Only a few qualities are available and users cannot choose.

Millions of Music and Video Databases. This allows users to search for any music and videos on this platform.

There are a limited number of music and video databases, so users sometimes have difficulty finding the music or video in question.

Best Download Speed, in just a few minutes.

The download speed takes a lot of time, so users feel less satisfied.

Intuitive interface, making it easy for users to search and download favorite music.

The interface is less intuitive, so many novice users are confused about downloading music.

It has legality, so users can feel safe downloading music. Because we have official copyright and legal permission.

It has no legality, so there is a copyright violation.

You can feel some of the differences between our and other platforms for yourself when surfing on our platform. We continue to get positive reviews from users because of the services we provide.

We have many advantages. Like the flexibility we have, users can not only download from the website but from the application. Even in our application, users can easily listen to their favorite music.

Apart from that, the audio and video resolution we have is also different from other platforms. Where we provide audio quality that cannot be doubted. In MP3 format, you can listen to music with clear audio quality.

We also offer other formats such as FLAC and WAV so that users are satisfied. Quality audio, lots of format options, and decent download speeds mean we continue to get positive reviews.

Download Legality and Copyright for Users

Many users have questions about copyright and the legality of Tubidy. We need to emphasize that we are the best platform that allows users to download music for free. Even though it is free, users must also comply with copyright laws when downloading music and videos.

To ensure users always respect copyright laws, we recommend always downloading music and videos through the app. Avoid other websites that provide pirated music, so you could be charged with copyright infringement.

Even though we provide free services for downloading videos, you must still respect copyright laws. We continue to strive to ensure that all music on our platform has an official license so that users can easily download it without worry.

So what can we provide for our users? Below we provide several benefits of using our platform:

1. Security And Privacy

It is very important to consider user security and privacy. Therefore, user security and privacy are always our priority. Being the most trusted platform in South Africa, we always strive to safeguard the security and privacy of our users.

There are several things we have done to protect our users' data. Tubidy has taken various appropriate steps to protect user data and prevent data misuse.

This is what makes us continue to get positive reviews from customers because we continue to improve the security system on the website and application. We will continue to protect the data and privacy of customers who have trusted us as their favorite platform.

2. Protection From Malware Attacks

In addition to being committed to security and privacy, we are also committed to protecting against malware attacks. We continuously strive to provide a music download platform that is safe and free from malware attacks.

We routinely carry out system maintenance and ensure that there are no dangerous files containing viruses that could be harmful to the devices used by users. With every maintenance, we continue to provide a higher quality system to protect user devices from malware attacks.

It has been proven that in recent years, we have become the best music and video download platform. No users complained about malware attacks entering their devices.

We always carry out routine maintenance so that no customers feel disappointed after downloading music via our website and applications.

3. Transparent Privacy Policy

To provide the best service, we have a transparent privacy policy. We continue to ensure that users have full control over the personal data they hold.

We never ask users to provide sensitive personal data. We only need general data for system purposes. So, users only collect the data they need.

We also do not permit any party to provide user data. If we do this, then we have violated the legality that we already have.

For customers who feel their data is being misused, we can help them to cross-check for errors. However, so far, we have always prioritized user comfort and security so that no data leaks occur.

Users also never complain about their data. Because when registering or registering on our platform, we never ask for sensitive personal data.

We only need general data such as smartphone numbers or email addresses. This also aims to make users feel safer about providing their data on our platform.

4. App Security

To ensure user security, we provide an official application that users can download via the Google Play Store or Apps Store. Avoid downloading applications from irresponsible fake websites.

The application that we have is also very safe to use. We also provide a password feature that users can use to avoid unauthorized access to your account.

You will create this password yourself when registering at the beginning of the application installation. We also don't ask for other data, but you need to enter your email or cellphone number to make the registration process easier.

By using Tubidy, users can enjoy their favorite seasons comfortably and safely without having to worry about security. We also regularly maintain the applications that we have to avoid malware attacks that endanger user data and devices.

Our application can also be used for free and has legal legality. However, you have to download it officially to avoid malware attacks.

Best Efforts for Tubidy Users

To continue to improve the services we provide, we regularly update the appearance of our websites and applications. In addition, we are also constantly adding new functions and fixing technical issues as quickly as possible.

Till now, we have never had any bad reviews from users. Because we always provide feedback to users. We will continue to actively listen to user feedback to improve our services.

For example, many users question copyright. Therefore, we provide legality and copyright for the music on our platform. This makes users more comfortable while using our platform to download music and videos.

All the support we provide to customers continues to receive positive reviews. Our users are always satisfied with the services we provide. We continue to ensure users get the best, smooth, and safe experience while using our platform.

We also continue to strive to satisfy users by improving the services we have. We also continue to maintain the quality of our audio and videos so that users feel satisfied while downloading videos and audio on our platform.

This is what makes we the best and favorite music download platform in South Africa. We continue to maintain the quality and reliability of the services we provide so that users feel satisfied and have a pleasant surfing experience.

User Reviews

We continue to get positive reviews from all our users. Through both the website and app, we always get positive reviews. Almost all of our users always leave good comments.

However, for some users who are dissatisfied with our service, we continue to improve and carry out maintenance so that user complaints can be resolved quickly. This is always our priority. Users who feel disappointed will provide feedback by fixing the things that disappointed them.

User reviews on our platform will continue to be our reference in improving the quality of the services we have. Because we always prioritize user comfort, both in using the website and applications.

Apart from that, we also continue to strive to provide the latest music that users can listen to. You can find this latest music on the home page of our website and applications.

This will allow users to continue to get the latest music and can listen to it anywhere. The flexibility we have means that many users continue to leave positive comments.

We will make the experience of downloading videos and music enjoyable. Enjoy Tubidy video download from the palm of your hand and listen to all your favorite music from just one platform.

Conclusion, The Best Search Music Engine

Overall, Tubidy is a platform that can be used to download music and videos. We are the most popular platform in South Africa. When compared to other platforms, we offer more complete features, adequate download speeds, and millions of music databases.

Users can also search for their favorite music and download it in several audio and video formats. We support various audio formats so that users can listen to music more comfortably.

We are available in two versions, namely the website version and the application version. We continue to provide the best service by continuing to improve its appearance, features, and database. So that users continue to be updated about the latest music.

Users can also easily search music collections and create their playlists. This will make it easier for users to listen to their favorite music with playlists they have previously created.

Tubidy is a free platform that provides millions of songs from various genres and singers. However, as a user, you still have to comply with copyright laws when downloading music.

You must comply with the rules and use an official license to download safely and legally. Apart from that, we also continue to prioritize user security and privacy so we continue to update system security.

Lastly, Tubidy also continues to provide responsive services to users who have complaints. Almost no users leave a negative impression after using our platform. This is proof that we are indeed trying to improve the user experience while surfing on Tubidy.

In conclusion, Tubidy is the best platform in South Africa and can be used to search for the best music from all over the world. You also have to comply with copyright laws so you can enjoy your favorite season safely and easily.

Enjoy all the convenience of searching, listening to, and downloading videos using Tubidy. We will continue to strive to provide the best features for you. Choose your favorite musician on the applications and websites we have.

Also, enjoy great download speeds. Have your favorite music in just minutes, you can get the playlist you want. Also, get videos with the best resolution with extraordinary download speeds.